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June Gardening Tasks

Now that the weather is warmer (and once the danger of frost is past in your area) it is time to start sowing biennials and perennials outside. Also harden off and plant out bedding plants, containers and hanging baskets to fill your garden with colour.

Continue watering in dry weather and keep on top of weeds until the borders have filled out. Ensure the greenhouse is well ventilated - dampen down and apply shading if necessary.

Don't forget to add much needed plant supports for those tall-growing flowers before they collapse!

Taking Cuttings in June

Now is an ideal time to start taking cuttings, which is much easier than you think and a great way to increase your stock of flowers, plants and shrubs for free. Six plants that can be easily propagated at this time of year include Catmint, Fuchsias, Pelargoniums, Penstemons, Old-fashioned pinks and Perennial wallflowers (Erysimum).

Time to Sow Biennials

Although there is plenty of summer colour in the garden this month, you can still plan and sow ready for next year. Hardy biennials, such as Canterbury bells (Campanula medium), foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea) sweet william (Dianthus barbatus) and wallflowers (Erysimum) can all be germinated now, ready for a low cost tapestry of colour next year. Sow hardy biennials directly into nursery patches or borders, where they are to flower, or sow in pots or trays outdoors and plant out into their flowering positions in the autumn.

Growing Drought Tolerant Container Plants

If you have a water shortage your area and still want to plant containers, then why not plant-up some tender succulents such as aeoniums, crassulas, echeverias, haworthias or mesembryanthemums. These tough little plants will virtually look after themselves all summer, without the need for much watering once established. However, as they are all tender they cannot be put outside until all risk of frost in your area has passed. Be sure to use a free draining compost, such as cactus compost and top it off with gravel, small stones or slate chippings to ensure that the succulent leaves and rosettes do not sit in damp soil.

Plant of the Month

Alstroemeria flowers


Of all the garden lilies, the Alstroemeria is my all time favourite. With its low growing drifting habit, it spreads through the borders and flowers for such a long season, if dead headed regularly.

Garden of the Month

Valley Gardens - Harrogate

Valley Gardens, Harrogate

17 acres of beautifully landscaped, Grade II Listed gardens, situated in the heart of Harrogate. Contains a wide variety of flowering shrubs, plants and mature trees. Prized for its rhododendron edged stream at the bottom of the valley.

Open all year, free to visit

Garden Birds to see this Month


The Swallow is one of our best known of summer visitors.

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Abelia, Berberis, Camellia, Ceanothus, Escallonia, Garrya, Hebe, Mahonia, Laurus nobilis, Skimmia