General Tasks

  • Remove perennial and annual weeds.
  • Protect plants from slugs and birds.
  • Finish digging and fertilizing areas to be planted or sown
  • Provide ventilation to plants under cover

Gardening in Early Spring

What to do in the Garden in March

March is one of the busiest months in the garden calendar, as warmer weather brings the garden alive and signals the arrival of spring. There is still time to plant climbers, trees and shrubs, and new herbaceous perennial plants can be added to the borders. Bird lovers can add nesting boxes to the north sides of trees before nesting season starts in earnest.

lamb standing in field of daffodils

Find time to compete the digging over of beds and borders. Provide plenty of ventilation for plants in greenhouses, cloches and cold frames, as temperatures inside can rise very quickly on warm, sunny days. Although days can be warm, nights can still be frosty, and tender shoots are very susceptible, so carry on providing protection where needed.

Also be prepared for the inevitable invasion of slugs, snails and other pests - so take plenty of precautions now to provide protection for young vulnerable seedling and new lush growth.

Begin taking cuttings from fuchsias, dahlias and geraniums (pelargoniums). For details see our Propagating Cuttings page.

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UK Gardens Open in March

Exbury Gardens (Hampshire)


Castle Drogo (Devon)

Castle Drogo Gardens

Dyffryn Gardens (Wales)

Dyffryn Gardens

Basildon Park (Berkshire)

Basildon Park Garden Statue