Liriope muscari (Lily Turf)


A colourful and interesting plant for a late autumn show. This handy little clump-forming perennial is ideal for use in lightly shaded areas and under tall trees.

Forms dense clumps of evergreen strap-like leaves. Erect spikes of small bell-shaped flowers appear throughout autumn.

Planting and Growing Liriope muscari

Ideal for the front of the border or as ground cover under tall shrubs or deciduous trees.


Hardy and evergreen in most areas of UK.
Flower colour: mauve or violet-blue
Flowering period: September to November
Origin: Eastern Asia
Height: 12in (30cm)
Spread: 18in (45cm)
Soil: Lime-free, well-drained moisture retentive soil (dislikes chalky soils).
Aspect: Partial shade is best but will tolerate full sun.

Taking Care of Liriope muscari

An easy to grow perennial that needs little attention. This tough little perennial can cope with difficult conditions such as shade and drought, and can be left undisturbed to spread, forming good ground cover.

Remove faded flower stems in autumn and cut back old leaves in spring.

Lift and divide established clumps every three years or so in spring to prevent congestion.

Propagating Liriope muscari

Propagate by sowing seed or by division in spring.

Popular Varieties of Liriope muscari Grown in the UK

L. muscari "Majestic", is the commonest form grown in UK. It has violet flower-spikes with crested tips.

L. spicata has narrower leaves.

White flowering varieties are also available.