Dividing Dahlia Tubers

The best time to propagate dahlias by division is in the early spring once the buds have just started to develop.

To divide the tubers you will need sharp knife and some clean pots filled with a good quality potting compost.

The general method for dividing dahlia tubers is as follows:

  1. Select a dahlia tuber and look at the tips of each tuber in the cluster, just below the old stem, to see where the new buds are forming.
  2. The idea is to simply cut or break apart the cluster of tubers from the top, so that each new section contains its own bud.
  3. Plant the separated tuber sections up in individual pots using a good quality compost and grow on in a greenhouse or under cover until frosts have passed.

Dahlias can also be propagated from cuttings.

Several varieties can also be successfully grown from seeds, that will flower in the same year.

Dahlias grown from both seeds and cuttings, will also form their own tubers (although smaller than those of established plants), which can be over wintered and used again next season.

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